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What We're All About
Whether you're a fanfic writer with too many plot bunnies and not enough time, or an avid fanfic reader constantly thinking of countless stories you'd like to see written, this is the place to share those ideas in hopes that someone in need of inspiration may find them. This is a multi-fandom, any pairing welcome community (het, slash, femslash, go for it). This isn't a community for one word or song lyric prompts. It is a community where you tell us that you think Mulder and Scully plus a zombie apocalypse would equal awesome. You can even get more detailed if you've spent a lot of time daydreaming about it, and tell us Mulder gets bitten by a zombie and Scully has to keep him locked away until she comes up with a cure (which of course she does, because she's Scully). You may use songs or photos to help illustrate your idea for others. Ultimately, however, you're tossing your idea out into the universe and once you do it's there for others to make of what they will. If you're not prepared for someone to take your idea in a different direction than you had in mind, it may be best you keep it stored for a rainy day when you would like to write it. If someone does write it, I would hope they would give credit where credit is due, but there is no way I can guarantee or police that sort of thing.

We've recently started monthly themed idea challenges, and in the future the ideas from them will be used for a writing challenge.
I've also started doing monthly chat posts (though not on a particular schedule yet).
At the end of each month I'll post a compilation of all ideas contributed for that month, and then a separate compilation post specifically for the monthly idea challenge.

Posting Etiquette
The subject line of your post should include fandom, and, if applicable, pairing/pairings. If it's a gen or character centric idea pairing isn't necessary. If it's a small summary lj cut is not required unless it has a mature theme or you explicitly outline mature content. If it's a larger, more detailed summary, or photos and fanmixes are used, then lj cut is greatly appreciated.

TAGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR EASE OF NAVIGATION. If you really want you're idea to be seen by the person most likely to make use of it then please appropriately tag your posts. There will be a fandom tag, a pairing tag, and a genre tag. Use them. There will also be a 'idk what to tag this' tag. Which I will check for and figure out.

I will not reject anyone's post because of content unless proper posting etiquette has not been used, it consists of one word, or does not in any way, shape or form constitute an idea. 'Mulder and Scully have sex' is not an idea. 'Mulder and Scully have sex on an alien spaceship and end up transported to another world' is an idea.

The Rules of Conduct and Attention Writers
No bashing of anyone's idea, ever. You may of course show your support, pose questions, or have a friendly exchange with a poster that may help further develop an idea.

You may post fanfics to the comm inspired by ideas that came from it. Please use this format when posting:

Inspired by: (link to idea your fic was inspired by)

Make sure the story goes below a cut, or you can simply provide a link to where it's posted.

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